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Biotechnology is a subject based on application. With the help of biotechnology, researchers invent newer methods of applying technology successfully in different fields of biology. There are various scopes in this field as the demand for biotechnological is increasing day by day all over the world.

Analysis of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is research program based on science were various types of biological facts are analysed, modified and interpreted with the help of modern technological tool and intervention for the whole humanity. It is an integrative subject where many other topics also include such as chemistry, microbiology, engineering, biochemistry, immunology and genetics.

Implementation of technology

Biotechnology has been used in medical industry for improving diagnosis, vaccines and some medicines, also used in agriculture for enhancing the productivity without harming the nature. It is also used in animal husbandry to upgrade the methods of animal breeding.

Biotechnology also successfully used in preventing water and air pollution, waste control management, etc.

Characteristics of Assignments on Biotechnology

Since success of biotechnologies makes it more useful, the commercial value of biotechnology is growing rapidly. There are numerous topics on which biological assignment are given. The assignments given by the examiners are very logical in nature.

Some common topics of Biotechnology assignments-

  • Gene therapy
  • Bio-sorption of heavy metals
  • Bio-fertilizers
  • Importance of biogas & enhancement of biogas production
  • Design of bimolecular computers
  • Plant growth hormones
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Metabolomics
  • Bio-power generators
  • Production of drugs from the sea

Actually, there are hundreds of topics on Biotechnology assignment are given. Biotechnology has many typical application and methods that are based on streams and nature of assignment. There are some necessary needs of assignment as following are-

  • Extensive knowledge on the subject
  • Lots of references to prove a point of subject matter
  • Need to include latest inventions
  • Extensive knowledge on different aspects of biotechnology

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